What Tools Do Dermatologist Use?

dermatologist tools

Dermatologists diagnose and treat skin, hair, and nail problems. 

These professionals treat a wide range of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dandruff, brittle nails, nail fungal problems, eczema, and diseases like skin cancer. 

A dermatologist uses a variety of tools to diagnose and treat these skin conditions. 

Their medical expertise becomes quite important when diagnosing and treating these conditions. 

This article provides information on what tools dermatologists usually use.

Dermatologist Tools

Dermatology is medical science that deals with various skin conditions and diseases. 

They treat simple cases such as mild acne and more complex cases such as skin cancer

They use a wide variety of dermal tools to diagnose and treat these conditions. 

The scalpel, dermal cutter, blackhead extractor, and the dermal biopsy punch are some of the primary tools they use. 

The scalpel is a small sharp blade used for surgical operations of the skin. A dermatologist uses the scalpel for minor surgeries like cryosurgery. 

The dermatologist freezes a skin blemish like a mole and slices off the blemish with the scalpel. 

This surgery is called cryosurgery and is quite common among dermatologists. 

Comedone or blackhead extractors is another common type of dermal tool. 

There are three basic types of blackhead extractors such as the spoon, loop, and lancet extractor. 

The spoon and loop help remove immature blackheads while the lancet removes mature whiteheads. 

A professional dermatologist uses a dermal cutter to scrape and remove moles and warts on the skin. 

If the dermatologist needs a sample of your skin to test in a laboratory, he or she will use the dermal punch biopsy. 

They will also test your skin for diseases with the help of this tool. 

The dermatologist will also deal with nail and hair conditions aside from dealing with skin conditions and diseases. 

Nail clippers, nail drills, nail files, ring cutters, and nail scissors are some of the more common tools used to treat nail conditions. 

The dermatologist uses the nail drill to shape the nails. They also use this instrument to relieve blood build-ups under the nails. 

Dermatologist Machines

Dermatologists use certain dermal machines to treat skin issues. One of these machines is a laser dermabrasion machine which is used to scrub the top layer of your skin. 

This is important to remove wrinkles, scars, tattoos, and moles on the skin. 

There are different types of laser machines used to treat things like skin discolouration and vascular lesions. 

The Intense Pulsated Light is another common instrument in the dermatologist’s office. 

This instrument will send powerful pulses of light to areas that are affected by age marks, wrinkles, and vascular lesions. 

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